Monday, September 14, 2009


I've added a couple new sections to our blog here.

The "My Favorites" section will have links to some of my favorite gear, places and people.

The "Events" section is our upcoming races that Off Road Fixation will be promoting in the coming year. We've added a couple more new venues and I'm looking at a couple more. Stay tuned for more details there.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Off Road Fixation is again ready to toe the line at the 36 hour Berryman Challenge. We're bringing two teams this years with John Clausen, Nate Clausen, Johnny Woodward and Krista Patterson filling out our coed team. This will be Nate's first adventure race but he'll do just fine as adventure racing runs in his genes. While John and Johnny are veterans to the Berryman, this will be Krista's first shot at the green monster. Her last race, the LBL Challenge had her crossing the line just under the 30 hour limit. We are hoping not to exceed that time in this running as well. Pray for good weather!

I was planning to run this one as a two person open team with my son Matt but the Berryman curse struck again when he fell during a mountain bike ride at Landahl and hurt his wrist badly. He is just able to ride without pain on pavement now but didn't want to risk taking the team out if he found he wasn't ready for the grueling mountain bike this race always provides. I enlisted Off Road Fixation veteran Ryan Netz to fill in and we are back in business.

See you all in Van Buren!