Monday, August 3, 2009

Dusk 2 Dawn

We had a great time designing the race courses for Bonk Hard Racing's Sunflower State Games and Dusk 2 Dawn Adventure Races. John Clausen and I mapped out a course that had racers circumnavigating Lake Perry and even up into the Delaware River. We went long and hard with this one with a total distance at almost 70 miles. Nav was light at times but there were a few thick spots in the trekking sections that had even some of the best teams scratching their heads.

We had well over 100 racers for each race and I'm pretty sure most were still smiling when they left. Jason really has this race business dialed in and puts all the finishing touches in to insure we all go home happy campers. The breakfast was awesome and those shirts were amazing.

Matt did the race as his first solo and did pretty well at the helm. His bike and canoe times were top notch.

We couldn't have pulled the race off without the volunteers and I'd like to thank the Off Road Fixation Team that was out in force as volunteers. One of my co-workers, Jeremy and Autumn Price pulled the much needed safety boat duties out on Lake Perry. Deron Bennett took one for the team and spent the night out in a bug infested cove with Johnny Woodward. There were a bunch of others as well. Thank you all!