Saturday, June 28, 2008


Off-Road Fixation is gearing up for the Dusk to Dawn Adventure Race at Perry Lake State Park on July 19th. I am very proud to announce that we will be sporting a new young gun for this race. My son Matt will be giving adventure racing a go for the first time. He has done some light biking and has always been an endurance junky with cross country, track and soccer. He is also a fairly proficient navigator in his own right but his experience is limited to short orienteering races in the KC area. John, Amanda and I will fill out the rest of the team. I can't wait!


Off-road Fixation fielded two teams for the Dirty Duo at Shawnee Mission Park last weekend. Bonk Hard racing has put together another big hitting race as 123 teams of two showed up to toe the line. The race consisted of a six mile course where the two person teams took turns running or riding, exchanging the bike after completing a mystery challenge at each mile marker. The race ended with a 25 yard mud pit that the athletes had to crawl through. Fun stuff for sure!!

John and Amanda took third in their age division for coeds and placed about 12th overall. Amanda's brother Augey and Justin Montgomery entered the all male division. They must not have raced under the ORF name as I couldn't find them in the results but they looked like they did well when they passed me about mid race.

Nancy Day and Amy Elmore raced together for Amy's first adventure since I did my first race with her back in 2005. They ended up taking 1st in their age group and 2nd overall female team. Nancy's daughter, Hannah joined in the fun and did the Jr race. You guys rock!

I ended up volunteering for this one, putting my camera to good use. I also roped racing newbie Pamela Diego into volunteering. She was hooked and this isn't even a real adventure race. Check out the full results and links to all my pictures and more at Bonk Hard Racing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


John, Amanda and I volunteered with Campfire USA today to pilot a few of the their older athletes around the bike trails of Longview Lake. We got to put the first miles on the new tandems that were purchased recently from Precision Tandem of KC (913.962.8866). Much thanks to them as they gave a hefty discount for the Campfire USA and we were able to buy five brand new KHS tandems for under $5000. Sweet rides for sure. It was John and Amanda's first time volunteering and they had a blast! It was really nice to make it all the way out and back without something major messing up with the bikes, something we always have struggled with on our past rides with our old bikes. Riders included John, Amanda, Dan Jackson and I. Stokers were Casey, Chris, Bryan and Kansas City's Campfire USA director, Andrea. Dan's son Corey rode solo.

A funny side story....I gave Corey a Gu pack during one of our rest stops and he offered to tow us all back since he had so much energy to burn after eating it. are some photos of the group and three of the new bikes.