Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm putting the finishing touches on the Jerry Tabb Road Trip Orienteering Course this week. The annual fund raiser is always a fun and fast event. This year's Score-O event will include an optional bike-orienteering section for an unheard of $15 entry fee. 24 normal orienteering points on foot and an optional 8 points on bike make for a fun day in my home town of Harrisonville, MO. Register the day of the race. Minimal gear requirements. A great prize raffle and BYOB cookout at my house after the race. Come on down and enjoy the fun at this wonderful scholarship fundraiser. Check em out online here.


I'm bummin big time about the Berryman Adventure Race coming up next month. Seems I've got an enlarged spleen and my contact sports must be avoided (upon pain of death) so I'm out of action. ORF is on the lookout to fill my spot so talk to John Clausen if you are interested and possess superhuman strength, endurance and charming good looks (I've got big shoes to fill, I know) A nice singing voice is an added plus. :-)


Where better to showcase the talents of the Off-Road Fixation Team than the Off-Road Duathlon at Berryman put on by Bonk Hard Racing last weekend. Justin Montgomery represented us and did us proud with a first place finish in the six hour team division. Great job Justin!

Check out the full results here.