Monday, April 27, 2009


Now that a few of you have gotten a taste of the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park, I'm sure more will be looking for the next event there. Off Road Fixation is more than happy to help you out as we present the Truman Lake Fat Tire Duathlon on Saturday May 17th. A 5K Run and 10K single track mountain bike duathlon set on the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park Trails near Warsaw, MO. Entry is $15 (plus processing fee) until May 8th and $20 up to May 15. Race day registration is $20 at the bike park. Come on out and get you some fat tire duathlon!

Online registration is open.

Sunday, April 26, 2009



"I had been so busy with my own events, there's been no time to train for long distances. So when a friend asked me to race this 50 miler, of course I said yes. We put together a 1st time team and threw all our new bikes (thanks to the greatest bike store on Earth, Epic Bike Store in Kansas City) on the disco and headed to Missouri. Can I just say although we didn't have the best finish time, I had the best time! The area was gorgeous and mtn bike trails INTENSE. Don't think I would head out for just any race right after a week in Mexico, I knew Kelly's would be great--and was right. Can't wait for next year! Off Road Fixation--you rock!" Team LA (Lake Adventures) - Promoter of the Milford Lake Extreme

"We really enjoyed the race. It was fun to race in an area unfamiliar to us. I'm sure we will be back up to ride the trails sometime. Thanks for all your hard work, we understand what it takes to put on a race, no matter how many teams are involved. We've been telling all our adventure race friends about it and plan to be back next year." Cynthia - Team Kuat

"That’s a nice area for a race, and I’ll be back for sure." - Steve Dietiker - Advengineers

"I wanted to let you know I had SO MUCH fun at the AR this past weekend. You did a wonderful job and I really look forward to doing more races you put on! Thanks for everything and please tell Judith and your girls thank you for volunteering!!" - Amanda Clausen, Team Off Road Fixation (OK this one might be a little biased - nobody said I was fair and balanced)

"Kelly, you are one crazy, sexy, cool guy...and you dance better than anyone on the race course" - Judith Sumner (oops...Judith just walked in and caught me making this one up! She says it's all true...but the dancing part)


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We had unprecedented news coverage during the race with eight hours of live radio feed from 97.1 The Lake's Kenny "Tracer Man" Trecer and a camera crew from interviewing teams, spectators and volunteers all around the course. Click on the link below for a news clip.

News Story Video Link


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Off Road Fixation took 2nd Place in the coed division of the the Truman Lake Adventure Race last weekend and added 31 more points to our 15 point tally for the season, placing us in the top 10 teams in the US (out of 400 listed). Not bad guys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our recent 9th place finish in the 28 Hour LBL Adventure will earn us 10 points in the USARA National Points Race (and Checkpoint Tracker points as well) which should move us back into the top 20 teams in the nation.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We had a fun race down in Kentucky last weekend at the inaugeral Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Adventure Race. We ended up taking 9th out of 21 very competitive four person 24 hour teams and 12th out of 34 overall. The area had been hit by a massive ice storm in January but they were still clearing brush in most of the park on race day and will continue for months to come by the looks of the place. We struggled throughout the race, bike whacking and hacking on occasion to make it through all the downed brush. Most trails we hit were open but a road or two had us stopping every 30 yards to climb over or around trees. They extended the length of the race to 28 hours and we took all but 20 minutes to cross the line. We all had a great time down there and we thank Bonk Hard Racing for another epic event.

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